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A major traffic violation conviction may result in driver’s license revocation, fines, compulsory classes or jail time. Knowing these very real penalties for traffic breach, you should contact an experienced traffic defense attorney as soon as possible. While facing serious traffic breach charges, it is important to be aware that effectively challenging the ticket or the charges can entail immediate action by you and your attorney. Hiring a practiced traffic ticket traffic attorney to represent you in traffic court can significantly impact your case outcomes. If you have gotten a traffic ticket or summons, give a call to (303) 335-5161 for a free consultation to talk about your case.

Why Denver Traffic Lawyer? — Competent! Experienced! Knowledgeable! Trusted! —

  • We have managed over 2000+ traffic tickets and driving license cases.
  • We have the experience to carefully work on your case.
  • We’ve been handling drivers license and traffic ticket cases for more than a decade (14 years to be exact).
  • We know and understand the state and urban traffic laws, the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) system & procedures, the National Commercial Driver CDL policies and regulations, and Court policies & procedures.
  • We have a great reputation in the area & we work hard to keep the trust of our clients.

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